10/19/10-Initial Diagrams for Bus/Bike Stop

I forgot to upload this last week.

But here were my initial thoughts/diagrams of the Bike/Bus Stop. While I was drawing it, I thought about the location I was at, who was affected, and what improvements I could make to it.

Initially I was thinking of just a simple bus stop area with seats and the bike rack protruding from one end of the bus stop structure. The area of O-Hill that I chose for the site is shown below (A little out of date for the aerial image…they were still building O-Hill dining hall). It’s close to new dorms and the AFC. However, it is still isolated enough where there needs to be sufficient amount of lighting. The area has a lot of open space friendly to bike riders. The road that connects to Alderman is a small road not frequently used except by maintenance. Also, it’s far enough away from the McCormick Rd and Alderman Rd intersection heavy traffic that bike riders don’t have to deal with entering the road systems there. I sloped the roof to allow for natural air movement throughout the bus stop. On the roof, there are solar panels which will collect enough energy (hopefully…I can’t help but to think exactly how much energy would be needed) to power the bike stations machine (which if the system is to mirror the Bixi system…there would be one) and the lights around the edge of the bus stop. The lights would not only be helpful in seeing the bikes at night, but also for safety reasons. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and hearing about all these attacks has frightened me a little, but no one could argue that a well-lit area would provide a safe haven for first years walking in the dark.

After talking to my partner, a couple of changes to the design need to made. Suggestions about placing the bike racks around the bus stop instead of protruding from the bus stop would provide a more compact design, and it would also allow the bikes to be seen easier at night. Also, since this system would be mostly used by UVA students, and in this area, first years, cooling isn’t as much of a problem as heating is. First years are only here in their dorms during the fall, winter, and spring. The first few weeks (definitely) and the last few weeks (maybe) are hot. The rest of their time here would be cooler, and therefore, my roof should let in more light. I was thinking of somehow making the open space under the roof able to close during the winter and just be a clear area to let light/heat in during the winter instead of the wind. Maybe moving the solar panels? Just a few thoughts.


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One Response to 10/19/10-Initial Diagrams for Bus/Bike Stop

  1. joeltrantham says:

    I like that I can understand how your thoughts are progressing. I can understand clear strategies you are dealing with. Don’t forget to tie how your intervention interacts with the site.

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